BioInfoBank Institute

is a non-for-profit research and development (R&D) organization. Our mission is to create, inspire and incubate innovative ideas in life-sciences. We also promote and facilitate unrestricted and effective research of excellent young Polish scientists. The results of our work are worldwide innovative technological and biomedical solutions. Some of them are converted into commercial projects that can be disseminated across the BioInfoBank network and developed through a spin-off program. The institute is not only involved in research but also initiates the commercial exploitation of scientific discoveries.

The main scientific focus of the institute is bioinformatics, an inter-disciplinary field of science driven by achievements in biotechnology and information technology. The second research area is constituted by biotechnology and molecular biology – especially exploited for anti-cancer therapy. The third research area is focused around blockchain technology and applications in fintech. The fourth research area is the design of application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

6 most cited articles

762 citations
The Phaeodactylum genome reveals the evolutionary history of diatom genomes.
Nature 456 (7219), 239-244; 2008 Bowler C, Allen AE, Badger JH, Grimwood J, Jabbari K, Kuo A, Maheswari U, Martens C, Maumus F, Otillar RP, Rayko E, Salamov A, Vandepoele K, Beszteri B, Gruber A, Heijde M, Katinka M, Mock T, Valentin K, Verret F, Berges JA, Brownlee C, Cadoret JP, Chiovitti A, Choi CJ, Coesel S, De Martino A, Detter JC, Durkin C, Falciatore A, Fournet J, Haruta M, Huysman MJ, Jenkins BD, Jiroutova K, Jorgensen RE, Joubert Y, Kaplan A, Kröger N, Kroth PG, La Roche J, Lindquist E, Lommer M, Martin-Jézéquel V, Lopez PJ, Lucas S, Mangogna M, McGinnis K, Medlin LK, Montsant A, Secq MP, Napoli C, Obornik M, Parker MS, Petit JL, Porcel BM, Poulsen N, Robison M, Rychlewski L, Rynearson TA, Schmutz J, Shapiro H, Siaut M, Stanley M, Sussman MR, Taylor AR, Vardi A, von Dassow P, Vyverman W, Willis A, Wyrwicz LS, Rokhsar DS, Weissenbach J, Armbrust EV, Green BR, Van de Peer Y, Grigoriev IV
744 citations
3D-Jury: a simple approach to improve protein structure predictions.
Bioinformatics 19 (8), 1015-1018; 2003 K Ginalski, A Elofsson, D Fischer, L Rychlewski
624 citations
ELM server: A new resource for investigating short functional sites in modular eukaryotic proteins.
Nucleic acids research 31 (13), 3625-3630; 2003 P Puntervoll, R Linding, C Gemünd, S Chabanis-Davidson, M Mattingsdal, S
543 citations
Comparison of sequence profiles. Strategies for structural predictions sequence information
Protein Science 9 (2), 232-241; 2000 L Rychlewski, W Li, L Jaroszewski, A Godzik
402 citations
FFAS03: a server for profile-profile sequence alignments.
Nucleic acids research 33 (suppl 2), W284-W288; 2005 L Jaroszewski, L Rychlewski, Z Li, W Li, A Godzik
281 citations
Plant nitric oxide synthase: a never-ending story?
Trends Plant Sci. Nov;11(11):524-5.; 2006 Zemojtel T, Frohlich A, Palmieri MC, Kolanczyk M, Mikula I, Wyrwicz LS, Wanker EE, Mundlos S, Vingron M, Martasek P, Durner J
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