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BioInfoBank Institute is a non-for-profit research and development organization. The general objective of the Institute is to generate, incubate and inspire innovative ideas and to facilitate and promote unrestricted and productive research conducted by highly motivated excellent young scientists in Poland. The Institute generates innovative technological solutions. Some of them are converted into commercial project ideas that can be disseminated across the BioInfoBank network. The institute not only educates experts in biotechnology and information technology but also promotes commercial exploitation of scientific discoveries by their own authors through a spin-off program. The main scientific focus of the institute is Bioinformatics, an inter-disciplinary field of science driven by achievements in biotechnology and information technology. The institute is mainly funded by Framework Grants from the European Commission and by grants from the Foundation for Polish Science and from the Polish Ministry of Science.

5 most cited articles:

681: 3D-Jury: a simple approach to improve protein structure predictions
K Ginalski, A Elofsson, D Fischer, L Rychlewski
Bioinformatics 19 (8), 1015-1018; 2003

551: ELM server: a new resource for investigating short functional sites in modular eukaryotic proteins
P Puntervoll, R Linding, C Gemünd, S Chabanis-Davidson, M Mattingsdal, S ...
Nucleic acids research 31 (13), 3625-3630; 2003

499: Comparison of sequence profiles. Strategies for structural predictions using sequence information
L Rychlewski, W Li, L Jaroszewski, A Godzik
Protein Science 9 (2), 232-241; 2000

443: The Phaeodactylum genome reveals the evolutionary history of diatom genomes
C Bowler, AE Allen, JH Badger, J Grimwood, K Jabbari, A Kuo, U Maheswari, C ...
Nature 456 (7219), 239-244; 2008

341: FFAS03: a server for profile–profile sequence alignments
L Jaroszewski, L Rychlewski, Z Li, W Li, A Godzik
Nucleic acids research 33 (suppl 2), W284-W288;2005

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